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Who are we?

Stegs & Sisters help companies in rural Sweden to optimize their business operations with digital transformation solutions. By minimizing the time spent on administrative work, companies can become more effective in the other business areas needed for growth, stability and success.

Internal & External

By providing a total strategy for both internal and external digital business transformation, we streamline businesses to save time and let them focus on what matters. We optimize internal factors such as which technical platforms are being used, how processes are followed, which backend platforms are being used and many more areas. We help with the external changes to ensure that the customer has an easier and more valuable experience when dealing with your company.


The solutions used by businesses must meet the needs of the company. It’s not always the case that the technology used is adapted for the user’s needs. Steg & Sisters are the link between people and technology. We know that technology is often light years ahead, but the people using it are not. It’s important to educate them and help them to understand how to best use digital solutions in the easiest way for the exact results that are desired.


By analysing and optimizing internal business processes and procedures, Steg & Sisters help companies to minimize time spent on administrative tasks. This gives companies the ability to use their time more effectively on what is needed for their individual business, be that more sales, more time on customer service, educating staff, increasing production time or anything else that needs valuable time for the business to thrive.

Automatic Control

With automatic control of data collection for example, you retain an overview but don’t have to spend the time collecting the data. By using digital methods to do the work for you, the only thing left to do is look at the results. Thus giving you more time to focus on other, important areas of your business.

Information Flow

It’s important to get the flow of information internally in the workplace and externally towards customers right. Digitalization can help the information become easily accessible, searchable and have more focus on the user.

Create More Value

The digital transformation of a company creates more value, for both employees and customers. By optimizing how things are done, more time is created for employees to do the most important tasks and to do them well, with less time pressure, stress and more confidence with an easier system and better procedures. Customers will also benefit from a simpler way of doing business without the hassle of complicated steps and time taken when things are not streamlined. Digitalization provides a better employee and customer experience.


Mella Stegs is the founder of Stegs and Sisters, a company that advises companies in rural areas of Sweden in digital business transformation. Mella has a background in business development and after a working away for a few years, she moved home to rural Järvsö, a place with fresh air, beautiful surroundings and closeness to nature. Mella is passionate about developing the possibilities to live and work in small, rural areas and helping businesses to get the most out of digitalization. She was completely dependent in being able to work remotely, something which digitalization has enabled her to do.